Jonathan Meese, Daniel Richter & Tal R
The Men Who Fell From Earth




128 pages
23,5 cm x 33,5 cm

ISBN: 978-3-902835-48-2

published by Harpune and Kunstmuseum Holstebro
Photography by Hanna Putz
additional Photographs by Anna Breit
text by Roberto Ohrt

on the occasion of the exhibition »The Men Who Fell From Earth« at Kunstmuseum Holstebro 9/16/2017 –1/7/2018

Three international heavyweights in contemporary painting will join forces when Danish Tal R and his two German colleagues and friends, Jonathan Meese and Daniel Richter, hold a joint exhibition at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, under the title ‘The Men Who Fell from Earth’. In recent decades, with an almost unrestrained energy, these three artists have made a name for themselves as significant innovators of the painting tradition. Their inspiration is often drawn from the borderline of what is generally acceptable, and the result is fabulous imagery that demonstrates great colouristic and expressive strength. Although there is sometimes a lot of humour present, the subjects addressed by Jonathan Meese, Daniel Richter and Tal R are both serious and urgent.



128 Seiten
23,5 cm x 33,5 cm

ISBN: 978-3-902835-48-2

herausgegeben von Harpune und Kunstmuseum Holstebro
durchgehend farbig bebildert mit Fotos von Hanna Putz und Anna Breit
mit einem Text in Englisch von Roberto Ohrt

Anläßlich der Ausstellung »The Men Who Fell From Earth« im Kunstmuseum Holstebro von 16. September 2017 – 7. Januar 2018

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