Moby Dick Filet is our longest running and most exciting publishing experiment – We cut the famous novel about Captain Ahab’s hunt for the white whale into its 137 chapters and publish them chapter by chapter as a kind of dime novel, but not chronologically. The artist chooses a chapter to work on and the only requirement is that Herman Melville’s text appears in some form and remains legible. The chapters are published unbound – so that when the project is finished they can be bound as a multi volume book and the Great White Whale is whole again!


»Moby Dick Filet« is an ongoing artist-book edition of Herman Melville‘s magnificent novel »Moby Dick« in the original English version. In order to do the illustration of this many-voiced book justice, each chapter is illustrated by a different artist and is published achronologically in a limited edition of 460 copies.

12 – 24 pages
14.5 x 19.9 cm / 5.83 x 7.83 in. offset print
unbound, folded, numbered
with a letterpress printed envelope

460 numbered copies per chapter
»Moby Dick Filet« is also available by subscription.

Laurent Ajina    
Wolfgang Becksteiner    
Madeleine Boschan    
Veronique Bourgoin    
Olaf Breuning    
Matt Dillon    
Christian Egger    
Karin Fisslthaler    
Barry Gifford    
Kolja Gollub    
Gudny Gudmundsdottir    
Hanakam & Schuller    
Siggi Hofer    
Andy Hope 1930    
Marcel Hüppauff    
Herwig Kempinger    
Ivo Kocherscheidt    
Moussa Kone    
Maja Körner    
Aylin Langreuter    
Erich Lessing    
Constantin Luser    
Jonathan Meese    
Christoph Meier    
Ute Müller    
Kim Nekarda    
John Newsom    
Raymond Pettibon    
Lukas Pusch    
Sybren Renema    
Anne Rößner    
Christian Rothmaler    
Sven Sachsalber    
Marusa Sagadin    
Adam Saks    
Peter Sandbichler    
Emanuel Seitz    
Hans Schabus    
Philipp Schwalb    
Ezara Spangl    
Rainer Spangl    
Frank Stürmer    
Alexander Tovborg    
Florian Unterberger    
Francis Upritchard   

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