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:PARIS is an exhibition
:PARIS is an index
:PARIS is a merry-go-round
:PARIS is a formula
:PARIS is a language

Tal R’s linocut edition is a real eye-catcher: The 83 original graphics are printed in countless shades of blue on semi-transparent washi paper. The sheets have a total length of more than 25 meters altogether – they are an entire exhibition, a huge room in blue, the whole Tal R universe in one box! With :PARIS, Tal R traverses his oeuvre: the keyhole, the flag, the volcano and the »Altstadt Girl« stand along- side new ornamental and schematic elements from the current painting series »:this is not Detroit«* and »Pink road through forest«**. The edition functions like an index, like a merry-go-round that connects the images of the past with those of the future. In :PARIS the title is present on almost every sheet of paper, leading the viewer through the imaginary city like a recurrent graffito. The subjects of the prints reveal as many variations as there are expectations, visions and desires connected to this word, this city, this idea :PARIS Painting and drawing, according to Tal R, always come from the outside world, separated only by a colon – a colon signifies that something comes after it. Painting always revolves around something that is about to happen – there is a : and then the painting comes. Thus the colon becomes a magical mirror, through which the world becomes pictures and pictures become language. This edition unfolds the whole alphabet of Tal R – whose works are often situated around the fine line between text and image. Just as alphabetic characters were once created out of images, he creates images from characters here. :PARIS is the new Tal R edition by Harpune.


83 linocuts printed by hand
in various shades of blue
on 48g Washi paper
paper format 41,5 x 30,8 cm (ca.16,3 x 12,1 inch)
plate format ranging from 12 x 9cm to 30 x 21cm (4,7 x 3,5 to 11,8 x 8,3 in.)
edition of 18 + 2 A.P + 1 P.P. numbered and signed

each edition has its unique range of different shades of blue
in a silk screen printed archival box

*shown in May 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)
**Tal R, »Pink road through forest«, 3/12 - 4/27/2019 at VNH Gallery, Paris.